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Video can be an excellent tool for creating the first and last impression for your brand

21 March 2014 | Ashwin Prajapati

This is the platform for unknowns to become household names and obscure companies to turn into corporate success stories.

Getting an edge over other business competitors relies on successful branding. You want to be recognized as the customer’s “first choice” of a brand in a cluttered marketplace? Then advertise your wares through a video format – motion graphic, white board animation, shoot – the choice is unlimited. Spell out your budget and we’ll find a solution that matches your communication needs and budgetary constraints.

Videos play a vital role in decision-making

  • 93% of respondents in a survey find video helpful in doing comparison shopping.
  • 87% found video helpful in researching additional items of the same brand.
  • 93% found video helpful post purchase, especially in following information related to product usage.

Videos drive brand engagement, leaves consumers with positive experience

  • 71% respondents agree that watching video content produced by businesses leaves them with a positive impression of a brand/service/company.
  • 64% find it helpful in learning more about the company they will purchase from.
  • 58% consider companies that produce video content to be more trustworthy

All said and done, businesses benefit tremendously from using videos to drive traffic, increase conversations and encourage customer loyalty.

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